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we all have to start somewhere

Bases for the Masses

For All Your Base Needs
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... to all_bases. This community caters to bases of ALL kinds. From movies and music, to anime and cartoons. If it's a base, then it has a home here. Please read the rules and abide by them as they're here for you, as much as they are for the community.

Bases are blank canvases for others to use in making icons. Textless. The bases in this community are all available for customization, take and use them as you will, just please remember to credit the makers accordingly. Some will not ask for credit, but for those who do, please do as they wish.

» You must join to post.
» When posting more than three bases, please use an LJ-Cut. This goes double if you are posting an image (though why you'd be doing that in a base community I do not know) larger than 400px. X-rated bases MUST go under a cut.
» You are allowed to post once a day, no more
» No flaming. No drama. Posts/members that start these things will be deleted and banned.
» No stealing. Do not take these bases and repost them as your own. People have gone to the trouble of gathering these images and cropping them into a size that is simple and easy to use. Stealing is lazy and shows low morals. People found stealing will be named and shamed and banned.
» No hotlinking. Don't steal people's bandwidth. Can't be any clearer than that.
» Credit where credit is due. If it's asked for, please do it. It doesn't take a minute!
» Please try and give a good description of your post in the subject title, it will make it much easier for us to add your posts to our memories.
» Promotion of journals is strictly restricted. If you wish to advertise your comm/journal, contact one of the mods with a brief description and a link to your site. We will judge weather it can be promoted here. There will be no posts with just 50 links to a community. That's not advertising, that's spam and VERY annoying.
» You are allowed to request bases, but they are up to the base makers to accept or not. Please don't request and automatically assume they will be made. That isn't the case.
» The Mods reserve the right to edit and/or delete any posts they deem inappropriate or against the rules. If it is a minor error, we will ask you nicely to correct it. If the error is not corrected within 25 hours then the post will be deleted.

Profile Layout by samuraiblues at jounins
Community Layout by hellogoodmornin

If you would like to become affliates with us, then please leave us a comment here and we'll add you ASAP.

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